I speak to corporate, government and non-profit audiences around the world. I have spoken for over 20 clients in 5 countries. My speaking engagements range from keynote speeches to small-group workshops with senior executives, conducted in-person or virtually over videoconferencing platforms.

My keynotes focus on the importance of AI to improve productivity and build competitive organisations using emerging technologies in artificial intelligence. Through use cases, I stress the dos and don’t of this transformation process and avoid common pitfalls.

I will show how to start this journey and evolve to more advanced orchequestration where ML and Data is at the core of the business, and how ML is different from software engineering.

My current speaking topics include
– How AI will transform business through the use of new value creation mechanisms.
– How to becoming a data driven organization
– What it takes to build a successful data science team
– Deep Learning for business innovation and digital business transformation – leveraging the power of the latest algorithms in organizations.

In recent months, I have been specially focused on life in the post-pandemic world – the future of work, learning and play.

Convolutional LSTMs (meetup Londres)
Oeiras exponential economy
Congresso de Medicina Interna
Conferencias em Londres

I’ve worked with organisations across all industries who have spent millions of dollars on technology, but because of the inability to meet the challenges of becoming an AI centered organization, have returned to their traditional business practices with big losses.

My speeches are focused around the following topics:

  • Recent breakthroughs in AI (reinforcement learning, NLP, image processing, structured and unstructured data, knowledge transfer) and their impact on business.
  • Cutting through the hype and understanding the fundamentals components in deploying a successful data science project.
  • How to become a data centric company, better serve your clients and enable the virtuous cycle of data+ML innovation.