Echoes in the Void

In the void’s embrace, where stars burn out,
Our love was a whisper, a fleeting shout.
You a shadow in the cosmic play,
Embraced the end, in his own stark way.

No gods, no myths, in his final breath,
She met the void, the eternal death.
Life, a fleeting spark, a moment’s blaze,
In its brief fire, we spent our days.

Chance brought us close, in the endless night,
In time’s cold expanse, a brief respite.
Ten years, a blink in the universe’s eye,
Under indifferent stars, we lived our lie.

Now she’s gone, into nothingness’ fold,
Her absence a void, dark and cold.
No reunion in some ethereal sphere,
Just the silence of the cosmos, vast and clear.

In the grand emptiness, where we drift apart,
Our love but a dream, in the cosmic heart.
In the end, alone, we each must roam,
In the universe’s void, forever home.